PNDC For Women's Organizations and Leadership Trainers

Training Context & Overview

Women's empowerment is a core issue in virtually all women’s organizations, whether they focus exclusively on various aspects of women’s leadership or provide needed services for specific populations, such as those with health issues or those who have been victims of domestic violence. Because empowerment is, likewise, an issue for women in any work environment, many women's leadership programs are geared to corporate and other professional environments, as well as community settings. While great strides have been made in recent decades toward achieving greater equality, the “glass ceilings,” stereotyping, and abuse still exist in epidemic proportions. What is needed now is for women to assert their needs, rights, and leadership with a voice of wisdom that can reach the mainstream of women, men, and children. More . . .

Client List

Hewlett Packard, Women in Administration; The Forum of Executive Women; Women of Color Action Network; Women’s Global Health Imperative, Global Health Scholar's Program; USCF Medical School, Gender Equity Center; American Association of Women in Community Colleges; Wake Forest University; Women faculty and Administrators; and The Women’s Funding Network. More . . .

Comments from Women in Various Organizations

“Sharon both teaches and models PNDC in a way that I find challenging and exciting.” “ … heard repeatedly that Sharon's workshop was outstanding.” “ … clarity and command …” “ … conveys intimacy and concern for each participant.” “ … grace and tact when answering challenging questions.” “ … a role model, as well as an excellent trainer.” “ … a woman of courage and vision.” “ … gives me the ‘guts to go there’ with those around me.” “… a profound impact." “ … the most powerful and potentially transformative work I've come across.” More . . .

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"Your presentation was wonderful!  It touched a nerve for everyone.  Your presentation was well received by the more knowledgeable group members, and by those who usually criticize and challenge speakers.  It was one of the best presentations in the five years the Forum of Executive Women has been in existence."

Jeanie Wilkens, Forum of Executive Women




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