PNDC for Non-Profit Organizations

Training Context & Overview

The problems faced by non-profits are frequently paramount. Competing for limited resources can mean that employees receive low pay and/or that the organization does not have a secure future. While using volunteers strengthens the organizations resources, it can also complicate decision-making and communication. The people being served may have challenges that make the work difficult, whether they live independently or in housing provided by the non-profit. In addition, the job can require interacting with people and organizations with significant power, who may be invested in maintaining the status quo or are resistant to collaboration on issues being addressed. Since all these factors can impact relationships among staff as well, non-defensive communication skills are essential to a strong organization. More . . .

Client List

Sharon's clients include the Center for Volunteer and Non-Profit Leadership; " I Have a Dream" Foundation; the Women’s Funding Network, including an international training program for women of color; United Way; Alameda County Head Start; Empowerment Project for Women Prisoners; Rape Crisis Centers, and Stir Fry Productions, producers of the diversity film, The Color of Fear. More . . .

Client Comments

“Sharon's work has very broad implications for communication at every level with staff, clients, and volunteers.” “…showed us, in real time, how her method worked—and it worked flawlessly.” “ … a rare and exceptional talent … a tremendous motivator and outstanding educator.” “Almost any community group or grass roots organization could benefit …” “ … as a supervisor, more able to set firm, respectful boundaries when needed.” “The application …is universal and offers a powerful tool for social change.” More . . .

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"Sharon has the remarkable ability to convey her message about the power of non-defensive communication to absolutely any audience—regardless of their primary language, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or educational experience."

Abby Rovner, Project Director, "I Have a Dream" Foundation, San Francisco





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