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Training Context & Overview

Whether working on anger or depression, a situational crisis such as divorce, a relationship issue such as parenting or intimacy, or conflicts in the workplace, even highly motivated clients can move in and out of resistance and defensiveness. In addition, many currently accepted communication techniques used by LCSWs, MFTs, psychologists, and psychiatrists can actually prompt clients, however subtly, to become defensive and/or to hold on to their resistance. Regardless of setting, client population, or the focus of their practice, how quickly a therapist can defuse defensiveness and facilitate a client’s ability to move through resistance is a determining factor in her or his effectiveness. More . . .

Client List

Sharon's clients include the University of California, San Francisco Medical School, Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute; Mental Health Resources and Education Network; Center for the Vulnerable Child; Children’s Protective Services of Oregon; Carondelet Behavior Health Center, Psychiatric Care Center & Drug and Alcohol Program, WA; and Sonoma County Mental Health Services, Psychiatric Emergency Services. She is licensed to give CEUs to LCSWs and MFTs in California; psychologists have received credit for various training programs with Sharon.
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Client Comments

“ … the most powerful structure I've ever learned in my training as a Marriage and Family therapist.” “It picks up where the Murray Bowen (family systems) thinkers leave off.”  “… the foundation for a new way of communication.” " … superb coaching  . . ." “ . . . clients better able to respond to my interventions and interpretations.” “ … fascinating and extremely relevant to my work … " “… has improved my therapy practice.” "… a transformative human theory.” More . . .

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"The sophistication and depth of the Powerful Non-Defensive Communication paradigm Sharon Strand Ellison has developed can be of immense value to psychologists. The theory transforms our concepts of power in human interactions. Both Sharon’s theory and practice challenge psychologists to expand their own awareness and knowledge and enhance their capacity to pass skills learned on to their patients."

—Dr. Gisela Bergman, Licensed Psychologist, Eugene, OR




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