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Training Context & Overview

Mediators and other alternative dispute resolution professionals are dedicated to facilitating conflict resolution outside the realm of adversarial process, which requires sophisticated communication skills. Because the ADR professionalmust be open and direct enough to invite trust, while neutral enough to avoid “taking sides,” the balance is extremely delicate. The ability to quickly diffuse defensiveness, along with asking questions that get at the deeper issues behind surface arguments are also crucial skills.  More . . .

Client List

Sharon's clients include: The Association of Conflict Resolution, International Conference; the American Bar Association, International ADR Conference; the US Navy, International Mediation Conference; the ADR Association of Northern California; Kaiser Permanente, California Annual Statewide Ombuds/Mediators Conference; New Hampshire Federal and State Court Mediators; Maine State Court Mediators, and the Centre for Dispute Resolution, 10th anniversary conference, London England. She was recently the invited guest speaker for the ADR Working Group for the federal government. Her presentation was available on 200 phone lines, as well as being live-streamed for the first time to offices in Washington D.C. More . . .

Client Comments

I’m absolutely stunned by the power of the non-defensive process Sharon teaches.” “ … one of the best-attended conferences we have ever had.” “People felt excited and challenged …”  “ … immediate, successful application of your principles.” “… the ultimate language of conflict management.” “What amazes me is not just the incredible success, but also the speed and directness.” “ …mediations that are not only successful, but actually transformative.” More . . .

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"Sharon Ellison provided a day-long keynote for the Northern California Mediation Association Annual Conference. It was one of the best-attended conferences we have ever had. People felt excited and challenged by the content and structure of her keynote, role-plays, and interactions with audience members. She received a standing ovation."

— Emily Doskow, Attorney and Mediator, Panelist for the U.S. District Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel


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