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Training Context & Overview

During keynotes and training programs, attorneys will learn about the impact of using the “Rules of War” as the basis for how we talk to each other, in both professional and personal relationships. For attorneys, this is a key issue since adversarial relationships have historically been built into our legal system as a protection for the accused. At the same time, the cost of litigation has become astronomical and most cases are negotiated out of court. Traditional communication methods make facilitating conflict resolution exceedingly difficult and can be counterproductive even within the context of an adversarial system. Learning high-end communication skills for negotiation can be an invaluable tool for attorneys. More . . .

Client List

Sharon has provided keynotes and/or training programs for clients, including the United States Department of Justice; bar associations in various states, including Arkansas, California, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas and Washington; Central District of California, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC combined chambers and clerks office); Los Angeles County Superior Court, (judges and clerks); Sacramento Superior Court (civil, criminial, family & traffic); the American Bar Association, Annual International ADR Conference, Washington, DC & Florida; Federation of Law Societies of Canada, Family Law Conference (Judges and Lawyers), Quinnipiac Law School, CT; and the Centre for Dispute Resolution in London, England. More . . .

Client Comments

“ … the most powerful and effective communication technique I have seen.”   “… riveting, powerful, and effective.” “I find the application to the field of law intriguing.” “ …. significantly improves how we, as lawyers, practice law."  “… move beyond a party's position to find the true interests that lie behind it, without creating defensiveness.” “…gave me a clarity, control, and a new mindset that had eluded me in the past.”  “What amazes me is not just the incredible success, but also the speed and directness.” More . . .

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"I believe that Sharon's workshop can provide lawyers, judges, mediators, and arbitrators with a highly effective approach to communicating with power, dignity and integrity in our professional and personal lives."

—Laura Parrish, attorney, Past President of the Lane County Bar Association, Eugene, OR




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