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In keeping with the mission of collaborative family law, it is crucial that professionals model non-defensive communication while maintaining the integrity of the collaborative process. Integrating methods and goals strengthens teamwork among the professionals and greatly enhances clients’ capacity to achieve transformative resolution. During conference keynotes, workshops, and other training programs, attorneys, therapists, financial planners and realtors can learn how to defuse power struggles involving clients and/or other professionals.
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Sharon has been a speaker at IACP international conferences in San Diego, Toronto, New Orleans, Minneapolis and Washington DC. She has spoken at state and regional conferences in Ontario, Canada, Connecticut, and California. In addition, Sharon has provided workshops for collaborative practice groups in Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ontario, and Montreal. More . .

Comments from Collaborative Professionals

“The theory and the practice of PNDC gave me a clarity, control, and a new mindset that had eluded me in the past.” "PNDC provides a structure to have difficult conversations without engaging in posturing and increased hostility." “ …almost instantly defuse the other person’s defensiveness.” “ . . . transformational in any relational context, professional or personal.” " … a tour de force.”…"Sharon’s style is warm, engaging, humorous, and inclusive." " … a gifted storyteller, and uses stories to demonstrate the incredible difference …" "What amazes me is not just the incredible success, but also the speed and directness." More . . .

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"In the highly complex and emotional area of family law in which we work, relearning the manner in which we deal with one another is nothing short of extraordinary."

Suzan Barrie Aiken, Attorney, Mediator, Mill Valley, CA




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