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Training Context & Overview:

The function of government agencies requires a dual emphasis, where protection and service for citizens also requires enforcement of laws and policies. Many people simply react negatively to government control and don’t show appreciation for either the protection or the services the government offers. Regardless of specific function, most government agencies are open to criticism from the media and various groups within the community. Being able to diffuse defensiveness is a skill that can give government employees the power to reclaim more of the gratification of being able provide important services. More . . .

Client List:

The United States Department of Justice; The Smithsonian Institute; Deparment of the Navy, International ADR Conference; Internal Revenue Service; United States Postal Service; Indian Health Services (IHS); Oakland Housing Authority, Oakland, CA; Lincoln County Planning Department, OR; Multnomah County, OR; cities such as Portland, OR and Charlottesville, VA; Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers, CA; Center for Families, Children & the Courts, CA; Superior Courts in Los Angeles and Sacramento; New Hampshire Federal and State Court Mediators; Maine State Court Mediators; and the HR Working Group for the United States Federal Government, where Sharon's speech was also made available on 200 phone lines and for the first time, lived-streamed to offices in Washington DC. More . . .

Client Comments:

“. . .  more powerful and effective than any other communication technique I have seen.” . . . “Sharon is able to adapt her speaking content to meet the specific topics and issues of each group.” “. . . establish rapport and build trust . . .” “ . . . the first communication workshop we’ve had that was not a run-of-the mill.” . . . “Everyone, saw themselves and their behavior.” “ . . . could be applied to many of my most difficult work situations.” “ . . . a powerful experience for our department.” More . . .

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"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you have done for our district employees. Your Powerful, Non-Defensive Communication method is truly fantastic and provides such effective tools for us all to do our work so much better. Your dedication to results and real caring for the staff impressed me greatly. Your efforts went above and beyond what could reasonably be expected from an outside consultant."

—Maureen A. Tighe, U.S. Department of Justice



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