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Training Context & Overview

Financial advisors, whether working in major institutions, small businesses, or independently, are often in the position of advising clients who have unrealistic ideas about what is possible in terms of achieving their financially related goals, and thus, may be resistant to advice. This is true regardless of the financial realm, whether it be investment, business or personal loans, tax issues, retirement planning, wills, trusts, or financial issues related to divorce. In many cases, disagreements between couples or among business partners may add additional layers of conflict, defensiveness, and power struggle. Having non-defensive communication skills can give financial advisors vital tools needed to move past conflict and empower clients to make wise decisions. More . . .

Client List

Sharon’s clients include both large and small financial institutions and associations, including Ernst and Young; Wells Fargo; Lane County Credit Association, Eugene, OR; Oregon Tax Association; the Pacific Northwest Credit Association; the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts; and Babcock School of Business Management; UCSF Medical School, Financial Officers; UCSF Medical School, Financial Officers; IRS National Conference on Small Business & Self-Employment. More . . .

Client Comments

“PNDC has had a profound impact on how I pursue difficult conversations with my clients as an investment advisor" “PNDC gives me the "guts to go there" with those around me.” “Employing PNDC enabled me to keep the points of discussion moving forward in a neutral, non-threatening and effective way.” “I credit PNDC for enabling me to keep my work and career on the trajectory I wanted. “ “ … skills needed to help us better understand the clients and build trusting professional relationships.” “ … have helped us function as a unified team and given us techniques for relieving our clients' stress as well.”  “Sharon’s Non-Defensive Communication process is the perfect way to improve our ability as financial professionals." More . . .

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"The content was clear and easy to follow. There is lots to unlearn and lots to practice. I look forward to using my tools for communication in a "new" and more empowering way."

—Georgianne Teller Singer, Account Executive, Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.




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