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A core ideal of the University has long been to enhance the life of the mind through diversity of opinion, shared through civil discourse. Currently, a university’s survival is dependent on grant money for research, and professors seeking tenure are under pressure to publish in order to help secure their position. In many cases, the cost is a decrease in the level of direct engagement with students. Also, competition between individuals and departments for resources has taxed the civility among educators; lack of civility in classrooms has become an issue as well. A key to keeping the vitality of a university is to place value on developing highly effective methods of communication that can be used among colleagues and in classroom settings. More . . .

Client List

Sharon's clients include University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Francisco, Medical School; Stanford University; Clemson University; St. John’s University; and Wake Forest University. More . . .

Client Comments

“I found Sharon Ellison's presentation to be qualitatively different in the depth of impact it had on our faculty."
“… a program that is nothing short of revolutionary.”   “… exemplifies instructional integrity.”   “ … no speaker we have had, even others with international reputations, has galvanized our community as effectively as she did.” “As a woman of color, I thought this was outstanding.” “Our faculty came and were so intrigued, we invited her back to keynote our August faculty conference …”  "… unheard of… 90% turnout of the entire faculty" “A year after her visit, people are still actively discussing and practicing these non-defensive communication skills.” “Amazing information.”  “… truly a woman of courage and vision." More …

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"People are tired of the war metaphor and are searching for something better. Sharon provided something that has given people a new way to think about how they communicate with each other and students. I think in the aftermath of the 9/ll attack, the need for these skills and the depth of their importance is even more profound."

—Gary Wheeler, Associate Executive Director, Miami University, Ohio




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