PNDC for Professionals in the Field of Education: K-12

Training Context & Overview

Educating our children today is an enormous task. Teachers must manage classrooms of children, many of whom are more vocal and less responsive to expectations than in decades past. Classrooms are frequently far more diverse, requiring increasing cultural awareness. Teachers must often co-ordinate with parents and other educators about educational plans for children with various kinds of special needs. Issues regarding bullying have increased dramatically; far more caution is required when monitoring who is authorized to pick a child up from school. Being a dedicated educator does not ensure that there will be agreement among teachers, students, aides, parents, specialists and administrators. The level of frustration can become overwhelming for everyone. Highly effective skills in being direct and honest while defusing defensiveness are invaluable. More . . .

Client List

Sharon’s clients include: Milwaukee Public Schools, WI; Contra Costa Jewish Day School, CA; Berkeley PTA, CA; American High School, CA; Federal Way Public Schools, WA; Montessori Schools, OR, CA, MN; Head Start, OR, CA; the Center for Families, Children & the Courts; California Statewide Student Leadership Conference; the Oregon Regional Services for Students with Severe Orthopedic Impairments, and the Oregon Multicultural Education Association. More . . .

Client Comments

“I was so deeply affected by the information, the role-plays and my own insights . . .”  " . . . gave both teachers and school-based therapists powerful tools to communicate more effectively with parents, school administrators, students, and fellow colleagues.”  "By the next day, we saw students successfully using the skills to resolve conflicts.”  "… learned to disarm verbal aggressors …” "I have offered this conference for twelve years and have never had such a positive response to a keynote speaker."  "… a lot of laughter and fun in this learning…"  "Inspiring." “I believe that if all children could learn non-defensive communication at an early age, we would have a different world.” More . . .

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"I have come to regard non-defensive communication as a powerful tool in my teaching and personal life… I was not totally convinced of the efficacy of this strategy until I used it at my middle school where I deal with kids seasoned in power struggles. It worked! Students were able to walk away from disagreements, both sides feeling okay about the results, not the usual fight/lose model. I think my students are now willing to consider a different way of solving their problems. The seeds of peace have been planted."

—Linda Bennet, Block 6 Teacher, Thurston Middle School, Springfield, OR




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