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Training Contex & Overview

Whether offering services in the area of technology, management, team-building, cultural competence, or strategic planning, consultants are often in the position of providing training for people who have been mandated to attend and may be highly resistant to learning the skills being presented. Even when people are motivated to learn, they often are resistant at various phases in the process. In addition, consultants are not always welcomed by salaried employees. Bridging the gap so that people involved in coaching and/or training programs are receptive is key to the consultant's success. More . . .

Client List

Along with providing training for consultants and coaches, Sharon consults with and trains professionals in more than a dozen fields. Her clients include Nordstrom; Hewlett Packard; Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo; Lockheed Martin, Shell Oil; Roche Molecular Diagnostics; Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital; Howmet Corp Winsted Machining Center, Ernst and Young; the Women’s Funding Network, including an international program for women of color; the United States Department of Justice, Aegis Capital Management; and International Game Technology (IGT). She has been an invited guest speaker at the Commonwealth Club. More . . .

Comments from Consultants and Coaches

Every team I work with struggles with defensiveness, which ultimately gets in the way of becoming a truly high performing team.” “Sharon both teaches and models PNDC in a way that I find challenging and exciting.” “ …keen insights … tremendous depth and sophistication… " “Her ability to go to the heart of any issue that comes up inspires me.” “ … a superb coach and teacher.” “ …more authentic and productive ways of communicating.” “ … the tools needed to challenge and support each leader I coach.” “… the most powerful and potentially transformative work I've come across.” “ … tremendous success …” “I am a better coach, a better consultant, and a better human being as a result of Sharon's influence and teaching. More . . .

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"My organizational development and consulting firm supports large systems change in Fortune 50 companies, foundations and progressive nonprofits. I am required to push leaders out of their comfort zone and into new territory where they re-connect with the courage required to inspire and motivate others. Quite simply, PNDC is a powerful tool that supports personal transformation. My practice and my clients have enjoyed tremendous success in using this highly effective communication method."

—Michael Bell, Principal, InPartnership Consulting



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