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As parents, the love and responsibility we feel can make us afraid about how to make the best decisions for our children—and how much to expect of them. Many parents currently are making a huge effort to communicate effectively and create a family life where children and teens are motivated to be cooperative, rather than coerced. Sadly, in far too many cases, parents try to get cooperation without setting clear boundaries. Then when they don't get the response they want, they either give up or express frustration with the child, sometimes indirectly, other times directly, with periodic anger, blame and/or orders.

Using traditional communication methods, parents tend to chose, sometimes moment by moment, between being supportive and exerting some kind of control over the child’s behavior and attitude. Despite best efforts, parents can end up being defensive and in power struggle with their children at almost any age. To create an environment where children are responsive, competent, respectful, appreciative, and above all, genuinely happy, requires a delicate balance. More . . .

Client List

Along with providing public workshops for parents, Sharon’s has provided keynotes and/or workshopis for the San Francisco Parents’ Coalition; Children's Services Division, OR; Merced Foster Care Program, CA; Matrix Parent Network, Regional Conference; Vista Youth Program (San Francisco, CA); Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital; University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Pediatric Intern Annual Conference; Mental Health Resources and Education Network; and The Child Center (Eugene, OR). More . . .

Comments from Parents

“Other models did not offer me the clarity I needed to set boundaries with my 16-year-old daughter." "… amazed by the results” … It's like I have my child again”…“my son’s hyperactivity has diminished”…  “my husband, a combat veteran, was able to shift into a non-defensive style”…“her method works flawlessly”…“eye-rolling, 'dissing,' blaming… has been replaced with honest, open communication”… “a conversation with my son which was enriching, productive and gratifying in a way that no prior conversation had been within memory”… “So enlightening” v “a way out of our power struggles with our children"… “really saved our family." More . . .

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"My relationship with my sons has transformed.  Being with them is now my favorite thing … They are not only more cooperative, but more loving and affectionate. Sharon’s parenting workshop changed the entire course of my relationship with my sons."

—Carolyn Crane, Journalist, Grass Valley, CA




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