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Major discoveries about human nature are unfolding, including evidence that what we believe can alter our own reality and even our genetic makeup. This reinforces the idea that we create self-fulfilling prophecies, drawing just the right people into our lives to co-create them, for good or ill. While I believe that the environment we are born into and how we have been treated have power in shaping our reality, what we do with what we are given is also of paramount importance. One person who suffers may become bitter, another, compassionate. One with privilege, self-serving, another, generous. One who has been well loved may become possessive, another, inclusive.

Many of us have inherently trusted that our own attitudes and beliefs have major impact in determining who we draw to us, as well as how happy and fulfilled we are. Yet, no matter how hard we work, too often we still face seemingly irresolvable problems in our relationships and feel like something is missing from our lives.

Training in Powerful Non-Defensive Communication (PNDC) offers the paradigm shift that can allow us to move past common habits of defensiveness and power struggle to a system of communication built on honesty, openness and vulnerability. Honesty and vulnerability together create an alchemy that produces unique strength and allows our potential to unfold. More . . .

Participant Comments:

"I can still remember the silence of the audience being pierced by little astounded gasps as the profundity from the first time I heard Sharon and her teachings." "The vision in itself is powerful." "It almost takes my breath away to imagine it. ” “ … for men and women and for so many diverse personalities” “gave me the strength to have a very difficult conversation with someone I care about very much… ” " …communicating with integrity and authenticity." … a complete and self-contained 'way of being'…" “It is so outrageous what you have discovered. And actually, it's so simple. ” " … one of the people who will help turn us from the violent society we are to a more powerful and loving one." More . . .

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"I feel a genuine shift to a calmer attitude since the workshop. I think that deep down, we know we're hurting each other when we're in power struggle, but it's so automatic, expected and accepted, we don't even think to stop and ask ourselves what that pain is all about.

When I started speaking differently, it was so obvious. When I realized my words weren't betraying my actual feelings, I was blown away and I felt more in touch with my emotions. The best analogy I can come up with is that if I'm a camera body, I've just been given a new set of lenses. A set of lenses with no distortion."

—Jesse di Franco



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