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Training Context & Overview

In long-term relationships, it can be a struggle to maintain the kind of intimacy that often draws people together in the beginning. Independence is often lost as well, for one or both parties. When a couple has children, the stress on the relationship becomes intensified. In order for a relationship to mature without losing its joy and passion, both intimacy and independence must become, if anything, stronger, rather than weaker.

In Powerful Non-Defensive Communication workshops couples can learn how traditional communication methods damage the potential for creating relationships that thrive. You can learn how to maintain openness and vulnerability even during hard times when trust may be damaged, as well as how to set boundaries that maintain both independence and self-esteem. More . . .

Comments from Participants

“Masterful and elegant” … “amazed how the results are almost identical for men and women and for so many diverse personalities”…“Even my husband, a combat veteran who was trained by the military to be reactive, was able to shift into a non-defensive style—something he had been trying to do, but was unable to accomplish for thirty years"…"could empower both typically "aggressive" or "passive" verbal types”…“a method to live what I believe is possible in relationships.” More . . .

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"Even therapy couldn't do this for us. We now have answers to what's wrong and what we can both do about it. I am without words to sufficiently express my gratitude and the magnitude of the impact for us as a couple."




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