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Our spiritual growth is deeply impacted by how we communicate. Traditional methods of communication can block our potential for "walking our talk" —i.e., living out our ethics in our intimate and professional relationships, as well as in community. You can learn how to have internal dialogues that balance self-acceptance with self-examination. You can gain skills for expressing your beliefs passionately, without judgment, honoring each person’s humanity. More . . .

Client List

Sharon has presented to organizations from various spiritual traditions and denominations—Buddhist, Jewish, Unitarian, Baptist, Catholic, Unity, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist and Salvation Army. She has also worked on projects such as the New Community Meeting, bringing together LGBT leaders with conservative Christian leaders. More . . .

Comments from Participants from Various Spiritual Communities

“Our congregations might be very difference places if we all took Sharon’s work to heart—so might our world!” … “People were inspired and uplifted” … “her work is both evolutionary and transformational” . . . “a tool for going to the next level in our spiritual growth."…“the actual language that fits the intention of genuine, well intended spiritual seekers.”…“This non-defensive, direct communication facilitates open, honest and deep sharing.”…"has helped me facilitate both personal and group healing in community settings.” More . . .

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"The intricacies of power dynamics are disarmed by Sharon's ability to engage any group of learners in a process that leads to healing and wholeness.  She is a gift of grace."

 —Rev. Tiare L. Mathison-Bowie, Newton, OH



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