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Training Context & Overview

Organizations that support our communities are the lifeblood of the community, whether they offer environments for networking and building businesses, seeking spiritual growth, mentoring young people, providing resources for those in need, creating social change, and/or providing entertainment. Unfortunately, community organizations can be torn apart by internal strife. Beyond that, informal groups as well as organized ones with different values and goals can be in varying degrees of conflict with each other. The degree to which community organizations and sub-cultures can not only live in peace together, but build on each other’s strength will determine the vitality of the community as a whole. Using non-defensive communication is vital to such community building, within and among organizations. More . . .

Client List

The Center for Volunteer and Non-Profit Leadership; Rotary International; "I Have a Dream" Foundation; California Planning Roundtable; United Way; Women’s Funding Network, including Women of Color in International Development; Oregon Mayors Association, and the Commonwealth Club. More . . .

Comments from People in Community Service Organizations

“Important work is done in community forums across the country" …"Sharon’s method works flawlessly"…  “Sharon has the ability to establish rapport and build trust"…"ability to make open and honest community building a successful priority"…“a full-blown technique for highly leveraging our effectiveness in communicating"… "a capability you just don't want to be without"… “Sharon made us laugh and moved us to tears"… “the most powerful and effective communication technique I have seen"…“an avenue to address misunderstandings and conflicts instead of having them eat away at [our] hearts and souls." More . . .

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"The Napa Valley Peace Table's goal of bringing a multicultural, multigenerational vision to the Valley's future was jump-started at the heart by Sharon's easy to understand non-defensive communication tools."

 —Dorothy Lind, President, The Napa Peace Table



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