Eight Training Tracks: The Reciprocity Principle & PNDC

A Message From Sharon Strand Ellison

I’d like to describe two main themes in the training programs we offer.

For decades, I thought that changing how we communicate was the key to constructive problem solving and fulfilling relationships. Gradually, I began to realize there was something else blocking our ability to change.

Ultimately, I became more conscious of how many of the conflicts people have are over issues like authority, loyalty, honesty, and trust. It dawned on me that the “survival of the fittest” mentality has influenced and shaped global beliefs about everything from power to intimacy.

While the way we communicate is crucial, it’s only the tip of the iceberg—the beliefs that shape our experience and thus dictate how we interact hide mostly below the waterline.

We address these issues in our Eight Training Tracks by looking at two worldviews: The Power Struggle Paradigm and the Reciprocity Paradigm. Within each paradigm we offer trainings that address, in detail, many facets of:

(1) How the Power Struggle Paradigm functions destructively to ensure that we will create no-win choices for ourselves that damage our self-esteem, prompt us to have much needless conflict with others, and severely limit our potential

(2) How the Reciprocity Paradigm has been widely misunderstood and how it actually functions with tremendous constructive power to enhance our self-esteem, make empowering choices, create fulfilling relationships and fulfill our potential.  

We also continue to teach course on the Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™ (PNDC) skill sets. Some of the 8 training tracks focus specifically on PNDC skill building and some focus specifically on the Core Concepts, and some on a combination of the two.

We’ve provided three levels of information about the Training Tracks: (a) a list of all eight tracks with very brief clarification about what each one covers, (2) an overview, and (c) detailed information about each program. ithin the eight tracks, there are more than 50 options for learning the material, including short programs for learning in ”small bites,’ to full length training programs.You can scan information and then see the areas you’d like more information in and find the learning path that fits you best.

Thank you for your interest in this work,
With care,


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