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About Sharon as a Speaker

Sharon is a pioneer in the field of non-defensive communication, an international consultant, award-winning speaker and the author of Taking the War Out of Our Words. With her daughter, Ami Atkinson, she produced the audiobook, Taking Power Struggle Out of Parenting, winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award. Sharon was already receiving awards in public speaking when she was in high school and college, including the Doney Oratory Award. She has brought her skills as a speaker together with her passion for eliminating defensiveness — which, as she vividly demonstrates, is a crucial key to solving the majority of problems we face at every level — home, work, and community. A gifted story teller, Sharon translates her cutting-edge theory into practical, life-changing skills with a realism that incorporates humor, honesty, integrity and inspiration.

Overview of Content

Sharon provides essential information on the physiology and dynamics of defensiveness and outlines how we have used the "rules of war" as the infrastructure for how we respond to conflict. Beyond issues related to conflict, this War Model for communication shapes most of our relationships. Even when we are trying to support or empower others, whether our child at home or an employee at work, we often prompt resistance and defensiveness. Too often, we end up breaking down lines of communication and creating alienation, even with those we love most. Newer approaches to communication are often still "rooted" in the old model and can inadvertently prompt defensiveness and power struggle.

Sharon then shows audiences very specific, easy-to-understand steps for replacing these old, outdated methods of communication with new ones that can — often instantly — defuse power struggle and open up the kind of real conversation that leads to genuine understanding and resolution, building stronger, deeper relationships. She is extremely versatile, has exceptional role-playing skills, and can easily demonstrate with real-time examples how the skills can be used by anyone, including managers, employees, politicians, spiritual leaders, teachers, doctors, psychologists, couples, parents and children.

Partial Client List — Conferences & Association Meetings

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals; Nordstrom Regional Managers Conference; Oregon Mayors Association; Stanford University, Berkeley PTA Coalition; Lucille Packard Children's Hospital; Association of Women in Science; Parent Matrix; Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research; Women of Color in Action; National Association of Nutrition Services Agencies; Human Resource Management Association; Association of Conflict Resolution; Violence Prevention Coalition; Federation of Law Societies of Canada, National Family Law Program; and the Centre for Dispute Resolution, London, England. More . . .

What Conference Organizers Say

"It was one of the best-attended conferences we have ever had. People felt excited and challenged."… "It touched a nerve for everyone."…"Sharon captivates her audience with her honesty and fresh perspectives."…"Not only did Sharon share her brilliant techniques but she also dazzled the packed room with her deep wisdom, sensitivity and humor"…"Sharon has the ability to establish rapport and build trust."… "Her presentation was well received by the more knowledgeable group members, and by those who usually criticize and challenge speakers."…"I have offered this conference for twelve years and have never had such a positive response to a keynote speaker."…"In speaking to a large group of about 700 people, Sharon used humor very effectively and engaged the audience immediately. She painted scenarios people could visualize."…"It is unheard of to have such attendance. I have to say it was magical. What she presented was exactly what we needed."… "No speaker we have had has galvanized our community as effectively as Sharon Ellison did."… "Sharon made us laugh and moved us to tears. The audience wanted more." More …

What Participants Say

"How do we do so many devastating things in our communications without realizing what we are saying? What an eye-opener!" “ … options for how to communicate that have been completely invisible to us.”…"Absolutely fascinating! Outstanding! Sharon took us to a totally new level of effectiveness in how we deal with conflicts at work and at home."…"Her sense of humor opens your mind so that you can relate to what she teaches."…“I am amazed how the results are almost identical for both men and women and for so many diverse personalities.”…"So logical, so passionate, and so simple!"…"Fast-paced, well-planned, very concrete and practical."… “ I can find strength for myself.“…"Should be a stand-up comedienne!" "Models what she teaches, truly 'human' and easy to relate to — a really terrific lady!" “… a full-blown technique for highly leveraging our effectiveness in communicating, a capability you just don't want to be without."…"Incredible! Wish I could keep Sharon in my pocket to coach me …" "Masterful and elegant." “… should be taught to all of us starting from a young age.” " . . . empowers both typically ‘aggressive’ or ‘passive’ verbal types." "…never too late to change." "…gave me a method to live what I believe is possible in relationships.” " … the gift of hope." "I wish her speech could have lasted all day — a natural speaker."…"Sharon did an amazing job of being 'hands on' and her interactions with the audience were terrific!" "…not only extraordinarily significant, just plain extraordinary!" More . . .

Presentation Options

A speaker for professional meetings and conferences, Sharon also presents at personal growth conferences. She offers:

Standard keynotes
Interactive keynotes
Breakout sessions
Half-day or full-day conference sessions
Multiple presentations
Individual coaching and/or specialized small group presentations

Consortium of Speakers: More than a dozen, highly skilled trainers in the Powerful Non-Defensive Communication Consortium of Speakers also do presentations at association meetings and conferences. They can present solo and/or co-facilitate with Sharon or other members of the consortium. This is a diverse team and each person is an outstanding trainer with various areas of expertise, such as cultural competence and diversity, strategic planning, team building and management leadership skills. Trainers . . .

Variety of Topics and Consistency of Approach: You can have any number of seasoned speakers who address a range of vital topics, while reinforcing the learning of these highly effective non-defensive communication skills at the same time. Go to Topics in the Drop Down Menu to see lists of topics.

For more information about the relevance of the skills Sharon teaches to different populations, go to links below.

Personal: Individuals CouplesFamilies

Professional: Small Business & Corporate Consulting Firms Education: K-12 Education: Community CollegeEducation: University Finance Government Healthcare Law Collaborative Family Law Mediation Non-Profit Mental Health Women's Organizations

Community Organizations: Community Service Organizations Social Change Organizations Spiritual Communities

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