Conference, Association Meeting & Coalition List

Below you will find a partial list of conferences and association meetings where Sharon has offered keynotes, pre-conference workshops, and other presentations. In cases where planners have decided to have Sharon offer an extended keynote for their meeting or conference, the presentation will be referenced as a half-day, day-long or two-day keynote.

  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals: San Diego, Toronto, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Washington DC
  • The Federation of Law Societies of Canada, National Family Law Program, Keynote, Bi-Annual National Conference for Judges and Lawyers, Deerhurst Resort, Ontario
  • Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research, Annual International Conference, Austin, TX
  • National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, Keynote, Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA
  • Women of Color in Action, Annual Conference, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, CA
  • National Association of Nutrition Services Agencies, Keynote, Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • Healthcare Communicators of Oregon (Public Relations), Keynote, Annual Conference, Eugene, OR
  • Human Resource Administrators of Universities in Western Canada, Keynote, Annual Conference, Winnipeg, Canada
  • National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, Keynote, Regional Conference, Palm Springs, CA
  • Healthcare Communicators of Oregon (Public Relations), Keynote, Annual Conference, Eugene, OR
  • Oregon Dietetic Association, Keynote, Statewide Annual Conference, Eugene, OR
  • Indian Health Services (IHS) Keynote, Annual Regional Hygienist's Conference, Albuquerque, NM
  • Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California, Keynote/Day-Long, Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • Oregon Tax Association, Keynote, Annual Conference
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Keynote, Annual Conference
  • Oregon Association of School Business Officials, Keynote, Annual Conference, Bend, OR
  • Nordstrom, Regional Diversity Managers Annual Conference, Boulder, CO
  • Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative, Keynote, Annual Regional Statewide Conference, Milwaukee, WI
  • University of California, Academic Business Officers Group, Keynote/Day-Long, Annual Meeting
  • Academic Year, USA, Keynote, National High School Foreign Exchange Student Conference
  • Matrix Parent Network, Keynote, Regional Conference for Special Needs Children Advocates, San Francisco, CA
  • California Community Colleges, CAL Works Collaborative Summit, Keynote, Annual Statewide Conference
  • Multnomah County/City of Portland 9th Annual Diversity Conference, Keynote, Portland, OR
  • Oregon Association of School Business Officials, Keynote, Annual Conference, Bend, OR
  • Oregon State Human Resources Managers Associations, Keynote/Day-Long, Annual Statewide Conference, Salem, OR
  • Wisconsin Inter-Professional Committee on Divorce, Keynote/Two-Day, Statewide Annual Conference
  • Community College Presidents and Boards Secretaries Annual Statewide Conference, Keynote, Bend, OR
  • Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC), Keynotes, Oregon & Washington, Statewide Conferences
  • Clemson University, Women's Leadership Conferences, Keynotes, Minneapolis & Kansas City
  • United Sates Postal Service, Keynote, Annual Regional Conference, Portland, OR
  • Oregon Fish & Wildlife, Keynote, Annual Statewide Conference, Newport, OR
  • Kaiser Permanente, Keynote, Annual Statewide Healthcare Ombudsman Mediators Conference
  • Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, Keynote/Day-Long, Annual Conference
  • Eugene Hospital and Clinic, Women's Leadership Conference, Eugene, OR
  • Indian Health Services (IHS), Keynote, Annual National Conference for Regional Managers
  • Women's Global Health Imperative, Keynote, International Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • Connecticut Council for Divorce Mediation, Keynote, Regional Conference
  • Center for Families Children & the Courts, Annual California Statewide Conference
  • Center for Dispute Resolution, Keynote, 10th Annual Conference, London, England
  • California Planning Round Table, Keynote/Day-Long, Annual Statewide Conference
  • Women's Funding Network, Annual International Conference, San Diego, CA
  • Community Partnerships of Idaho, Keynote, Annual Regional Conference, Boise, ID
  • Diversity Pipeline, Keynote, Conference for Women of Color in Health Care Sciences, Oakland, CA
  • Latino Medical Student Association, Keynote, Annual Regional Board Conference, Sacramento, CA

Association & Coalition Meetings
  • Washington Bar Association, Annual Meeting, Day-Long Meeting Presenter
  • Oregon Employment and Training Association, Day-Long Training, Annual Meeting, Portland, OR
  • Rainbow Coalition, Meeting Presenter, California State, Pomona, CA
  • Human Rights Coalition, Meeting Presenter, Roseburg, OR
  • The Forum of Executive Women, Meeting Presenter, St. Cloud, MN
  • Lane County Foster Care Association, Meeting Presenter, Eugene, OR
  • Minnesota Small Business Association, Meeting Presenter, Minneapolis, MN
  • Oregon Private Industry Council, Meeting Presenter, Portland, OR
  • Violence Prevention Coalition, Keynote, Annual Meeting, Oakland, CA
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals, Meeting Presenter, San Jose, CA
  • San Francisco Parents Coalition, Keynote, San Francisco, CA
  • Association for Multicultural Education, Keynote, Annual Meeting, Portland, OR
  • Peralta Community College District, Keynote/Day-Long
  • Crossroads Trading Company, Keynote, Annual Meeting, Russian River, CA
  • Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Keynote, Annual Regional Meeting, San Francisco, CA
  • California Bar Associations, including Alameda, Marin, & Pasedena, Meeting Speaker
  • US Collaborative Law Annual Meetings, including New York, Dallas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Minneapolis, & California
  • Canadian Collaborative Law Annual Meetings, including Edmonton, Calgary, Ontario, Montreal & Winnipeg

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"As an Oregon Mayor and President of Oregon State Human Resource Managers Association, I have had the unique opportunity to observe Sharon Ellison speaking to these two diverse groups within a couple of month's time frame. It is remarkable that Sharon is able to adapt her speaking content to meet the specific topics and issues of each group. Sharon has the ability to establish rapport and build trust with her manner and presentation style, which is so comfortable that participants feel as if they are just talking with a close friend. In my opinion, that's the secret to her success, participants are learning critical communication skills while visiting with someone they connect with and trust."

—Lore Christopher, Director, Human Resources, Executive Branch, State of Oregon




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