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Powerful speaker . . . Fast Paced . . . Original! Practical, insightful, funny, inspiring! . . . style . . . Confidence . . . Passionate . . . Visionary . . . Superb concepts . . . eye opener . . . great "real-life" examples . . . Logical . . . Practical . . . Simple . . . astonishing . . . revolutionary . . . Transforming . . .

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I first encountered Sharon and her teachings in 2006 in San Diego at the IACP Forum and I can still remember the silence of the audience being pierced by little astounded gasps as the profundity of what she was talking about became evident.  It was in many ways, for myself and what I believe to be the overwhelming majority of the audience, a "eureka!" or "a-ha!" moment wherein one comes to realize that one has been unconsciously acting in the world in a way that is so counter-productive and unnecessarily harmful - and more importantly - that within grasp is an awareness and a set of techniques whereby one can act in the world in a way congruent and harmonious with our highest intentioned selves.  

From that introduction to Sharon and her work, I have had a hunger for more exposure and familiarity with her material (her books and CDs) and participated in a full-day workshop with her at the Toronto Forum in 2007. I continue to marvel at the simplicity and beauty of her words, concepts and what in many ways is a complete and self-contained "way of being", and I continue to strive to take it all, literally, to heart."

—Chris Arnold, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, Past-President, Ontario Collaborative Law Federation, Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, IACP Toronto Conference Committee Member

The first thing that comes across when Sharon Ellison explains her truly revolutionary idea of shifting our mode of communication to a non-defensive style is her passion for the subject. it's a full-blown technique for highly leveraging our effectiveness in communicating with others. Think of it this way. Have you ever heard a really good vocal group sing very, very softly, yet convey immense energy and emotion?  Any good vocalist knows that singing softly with intensity is much more powerful than just singing louder.

That's what goes on with Sharon's PNDC.  She takes you through exercises that enable you to "get it."  Then you are on your way to making new habits of communication that pay huge dividends.  As a 40+ year veteran of the conflict-ridden field of community planning, I only wish I had learned Sharon's methods 40 years ago. Powerful Non-Defensive Communication (PNDC) is a capability you just don't want to be without.

Al Bell, Senior Strategist, The Planning Center; Member, The Association of the California Planning Roundtable, Annual California Statewide Conference

My professional life has changed dramatically since the day I heard Sharon Ellison's theory of Powerful Non-defensive Communication at the Connecticut Regional Mediation Conference. Non-defensive communication skills have enhanced my effectiveness as a lawyer, mediator, and as a law professor who teaches counseling and negotiation to law students. Although I prided myself on being a problem-solver and collaborator, with both my clients and counterpart lawyers, I found myself shifting into defensive modes more than I liked, especially when I felt most strongly. I struggled to understand how and why I was undermining myself, and what to do about it. When I met Sharon, heard her lay out her theory, and watched her demonstrate her approach, I was amazed at how many answers clicked for me. The theory and the practice of PNDC gave me a clarity, control, and a new mindset that had eluded me in the past.

—Carolyn Kass, Associate Professor; Director of the Legal Clinic; Co-Director, Center for Dispute Resolution; and Director of the Family and Juvenile Law Concentration; Quinnipiac University, School of Law, Hamdon, CT

Sharon Ellison is a remarkable teacher in the field of communications. Her innovative approach has given teachers and school based therapists powerful tools to communicate more effectively with parents, school administrators, students, and fellow colleagues. The effectiveness of her Powerful, Non-Defensive Communication process has been readily apparent and utilized immediately by a majority of our therapists. They have found the non-defensive communication techniques especially helpful when working as a consultant/resource person to parents and teachers.

—Michael Friedl, PT, PCS, (Recipient: Judy Roe Therapist of the Year Award, State of Oregon, 1998) Pediatric Clinical Specialist, Supervisor of Therapy Services, Jackson Education Service District, Medford; Attended OR Therapists in Educational Settings, Oregon Statewide Conference

You are an articulate, strong speaker . . . You did a great job checking out with the audience and moving with our needs . . . You moved people from skepticism to acceptance . . . I like your premise that I can reclaim my personal power by not getting into power struggles . . . I can get my integrity back . . . You did a great job of modeling your message in the way you responded to the the participants . . . It is definitely a new way of communicating...It makes people more accountable...I can start applying this information right away and it will be helpful in all aspects of my professional and personal life.

—Comments from participants in the annual conference for Health Care Communicators of Oregon, including public relations people from Oregon's major hospitals, health care systems, and insurance companies, Portland OR

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Unsigned Comments from Conference Attendees

Powerful speaker, covered big territory in an hour, would love to do a whole day seminar with her.

Fast-paced, well-planned, very concrete and practical.

Superb concepts, creatively packaged. This gave me the incentive to change my attitudes.

Her sense of humor opens your mind so that you can relate to what she teaches.

Absolutely fascinating! Outstanding! Sharon took us to a totally new level of effectiveness in how we deal with conflicts at work and at home.

I am staggered by the flood of responses I am having.

How do we do so many devastating things in our communications without realizing what we are saying? What an eye-opener.

Sharon presented options for how to communicate that have been completely invisible to us.

Gave so many great "real-life" examples. Then the role-playing demonstrated how to actually change a situation.

Her own material-Original! Practical, insightful, funny, inspiring!

Some would consider this radical thinking. I think it makes a lot of sense.

Suggestions are behavior-based and can be followed. Not just "feel good" crap.

The concept of the material is astonishing to me. I have spent most of my life defending or attacking, and getting nowhere fast. I look forward to distilling this and putting it to work.

Dynamic speaker! I loved her physical examples and mental pictures.

So logical, so passionate, and so simple!"

I can see how asking questions in this new way will be so disarming and open up real communication.

She opened our minds to the idea that we can change how we relate to others even if we just change our tone of voice. She has changed me.

I enjoyed her frankness and directness. Answered questions succinctly and concisely.

You Go girl! What a wonderful place the world would be if everyone followed Sharon's plan.

I wish her speech could have lasted all day — a natural speaker.

Fascinating theories. Sharon has style, confidence and humor.

Masterful and elegant.

Sharon did an amazing job of being 'hands on' and her interactions with the audience were terrific!

This message is needed in corporate America.

Incredible! Wish I could keep Sharon in my pocket to coach me.

Clear, visionary! Right on target for the complex lives we lead.

I am excited about its possibilities for me personally, and beyond me to our society and the world.

These skills and lessons should be taught to us starting from a young age.

Basic to management success and any kind of leadership skill.

I hope you have a chance to address the U.N.! Congress!

I with everyone could hear this woman speak and learn what she teaches!

Ouch! Some of this was me! I wish this had lasted longer.

I feel like the boa constrictor that just ate an elephant, it will take me months to digest this.

Presenter spoke with such clarity and insight; it made me realize that we can have control over how we respond in any situation. My anger doesn't need to control me anymore.

I am amazed how the results are almost identical for men and women and for so many diverse personalities

Amazing information! Very powerful. The best and most practical workshop of the conference

Should be a stand-up comedienne!"

I learned a great deal about how I communicate and about my own inner power struggles. The effect on me was transforming.

Models what she teaches, truly 'human' and easy to relate to — a really terrific lady!

A full-blown technique for highly leveraging our effectiveness in communicating, a capability you just don't want to be without.

I think this was the best talk I have been to in my entire medical career.

Great ideas. Can incorporate material into corporate life.

Empowers both typically ‘aggressive’ or ‘passive’ verbal types.

I learned how to relate with people in a way that I can find strength for myself.

I guess it's never too late to change

I can not only improve my current relationship, but can see what I could have done differently in past ones.

The gift of hope

Gave me a method to live what I believe is possible in relationships.

This work is not only extraordinarily significant; it's just plain extraordinary.

Truly revolutionary skills! A new way of looking at communication barriers and how to make core changes.

Amazing job of explaining human behavior and interactions in an hour! Use this speaker again!!

Revolutionary! Exciting! Intellectually stimulating!

Superb! Lively, real, I can relate to this. It will enlighten my behavior for life.

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