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Sharon Ellison provides a unique and articulate analysis of communication patterns among people. One of her specialties entails analyzing the impact of defensiveness and power struggle on individuals and/or groups in conflict. She can describe which defensive maneuvers a person is using in any interaction and show how to alter the outcome by using specific non-defensive techniques.

Sharon can analyze dialogue on any level about virtually any issue. Some examples:

Politics: Political campaigns, ethical issues involving politicians, court rulings, national policy, conflicts in the legislature and congress, positions taken by government leaders, conflicts in global organizations (UN)

The Workplace: employee-management, diversity, teamwork, conflict resolution, rudeness, anger, violence, discrimination, harassment, productivity, change-management

The Community: violence in schools, gangs, violence toward women and children, environmental issues, conflicts among diverse special-interest groups, community development, law enforcement, community service

The Family: intimate relationships, gender issues, parent-child relationships, elder care, addiction

Numerous article by Sharon can be found on internet sites. In addition, you can find Articles on this site.

Radio & TV Interviews

Described as a "natural" for radio interviews, Sharon Ellison uses down-to-earth examples and responds easily and thoughtfully to listener questions. Sharon has been interviewed on talk shows nationwide, including:

Wireless Flash David Moye; San Diego, CA

KRCB On the Edge and Centered; Rohnert Park, CA

WGCI The Mark Shaw Show; Bloomington, IN

WHAS Joe Arnold Show; Louisville,

KYWYUR Jimmy Launce Show; Detroit, MI

WOMC Metro Magazine; Detroit, MI

WGVU Chet Eagleman; Grand Rapids, MI

WMYU/WWST Tony and the Wake-Up Show; Knoxville TN

WPHM Open Line; Port Huron, MI

WYUR Warren Pierce Show; West Bloomfield, MI

KHTT Andy Barber Show; Tulsa, OK

KUGN Eugene, OR

KLCC Eugene, OR

Business News US AM; Colorado Springs, CO

Interviews with Sharon, by Sue Supriano, distributed by WINGS, ( have also been aired on NPR stations, such as:

KPFK Los Angeles, CA

KMUD Garberville, CA

KZYX Philo, CA

KCSB Santa Barbara, CA

KGNU Boulder, CO

WPKN Bridgeport, CT

WERU Portland, ME

WRUW Cleveland, OH

KAZI Austin, TX

Radio International for Peace, Short Wave

Sharon has also been interviewed on television talk shows including AM Northwest and Bay TV and various Cabel Access channels.

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"Sharon, you're a natural. You are articulate, and still react so spontaneously to call-ins! You should have a radio talk show."

—Ralph Steadman, KUGN, Eugene, OR


"I believe the process you teach is the most powerful and effective communication technique I have seen. I wonder what would have happened if you had been at Camp David [for the Middle East peace talks]"

—Maureen A. Tighe, United States Trustee, U.S. Department of Justice


"We have never had so many people call us to get a book simply after hearing a radio interview as we have since your interview was aired on our local NPR (KZYX) radio station."

—Victoria Donner, The Mendocino Book Company






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