Booksignings for: Taking the War Out of Our Words

By Sharon Strand Ellison

Description of Booksigning Presentations

Quotes from Bookstore Personnel

Figures Regarding Attendance and Sales

Booksignings with Sharon

A typical bookstore presentation lasts about 45 minutes and can be shortened or extended as desired.

Sharon Strand Ellison's book appeals to a wide range of audiences as the content offers information valuable to any individual, to couples and parents, as well as professionals in any field. In an era where authors who offer bookstore readings and signings often get a small turnout, Sharon typically has a good audience, along with a high percentage of book sales. The selections she reads integrate moving stories with sections that give a clear summary of key points in the book — comparing the traditional "war model" for communicating with the new, Powerful Non-Defensive Communication model she has created.

An award winning speaker, Sharon likes to combine reading excerpts from her book with an interactive relationship with her audience. She is quick on her feet in response to audience questions and can do short, spontaneous role-plays that enliven the quality of her reading.

In the course of a single bookreading, people learn non-defensive communication techniques that are immediately applicable in their own lives. Audience members become immediately engaged and enthusiastic. It is common for people to comment on how focused Sharon is on each person whose book she is signing.

Comments from Bookstore Personnel

Your booksigning was outstanding! It is always refreshing to work with an author who clearly understands the difference between a booksigning and a workshop. Your style of storytelling presented the audience with a great introduction to your powerful message. With your keen sense of the bookselling business, you continued to reference other topics that were in the book and read specific stories to further enhance the points you made in your presentation. This technique gave the audience a sense of your clear and concise writing style so they could see the value of your book as a resource well suited for all age groups facing everyday communication challenges.

The information you presented was perfectly suited for our standing-room-only audience. You touched everyone personally and people went away with some actual communication skills. Your sincerity, warmth, tone and pace showed that you walk your talk. Because of that, people were not able to walk away without buying the book. We sold every copy of your book we had in the store, and placed personal orders for more that evening. Way to go! Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

—Schuyler Morgan, Community Relations Manager, Berkeley Barnes & Noble

Gateways customers clearly perceived this topic as timely and important, which accounted for the excellent turnout, and, even better, the presentation won over the hearts of those who were there so completely that the percentage of book sales to attendees was far above average. Sharon Ellison walks her talk with warmth, kindness, humor, and compassion. This method of thinking and communicating will be how humanity will survive and be happy to boot.

— David Garbacz, Gateways Books and Gifts, Manager and Buyer, Santa Cruz, CA

Examples of Attendance & Sales

Barnes and Noble, Berkeley, CA
Audience: 30+. Sold out, attendees placed orders for additional copies

Barnes and Noble, Oakland, CA
Audience: 50+. Sold all but 2 books

Barnes and Noble, Portland, OR
Audience: 80+. Sold out, bought 25 additional books from the author

Bloomsbury Books, Ashland, OR
Audience: 50+. Sold out at after prominently displaying the book prior to the booksigning, ordered more, sold out at the booksigning, bought 10 more from the author

Gaia Bookstore, Berkeley, CA
Audience: 80+. Book was 4th-best seller during the month of the booksigning

Peralandra Bookstore, Eugene OR
Audience: 70+. Had high sales after making the book a display item, reordered more than once, and sold all but a few remaining books at the time of the signing

Stanford Bookstore, Stanford University
Audience: 60+. Sold out. rating:
Reached #4 in sales for Oakland, CA

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"From the time I first read this book in manuscript form, I knew that Sharon was onto something extraordinary. We're used to thinking that learning to communicate more effectively has to be a struggle. With this model, profound changes can happen so quickly."

—Caroline Pincus, manuscript consultant and former senior editor, Harper Collins


"I see your book becoming a best seller, and your message spreading out across the nation. "

—Rob Merlo, Engineer


"Sharon Ellison's book is terrific and so are her workshops. I hope she reaches a critical mass, so we can all improve our lives personally and globally."

—Vivienne Verdon-Roe Academy Award winner, Women for America, for the World



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