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For information about others on the networking lists, see:

Advocacy Institute: Leadership Training
Centre for Dispute Resolution: Dispute Resolution Training
Destiny Arts: Creative Development Center for Youth
Don Ross Productions: Audio Tapes and CD production
Judith Cope: Editing
Leadership for a Changing World: Supporting Community Leadership
MouserArt: Web designer
National Speakers Association: professional training for speakers
Patricia Fripp: Speech Coach
Caroline Pincus: Book Midwife
Playback Theater
The Family Center, Therapy Model
The Peace Table: A model for a Healthy Diverse Community
The Inspired Professional
UcanDancAfrican Healing Arts
Wings: Women's International News Gathering Service
World Trust: Producers of "The Way Home," Diversity Film
Work with Marty Nemko: Radio Program
Wyatt Mackenzie Publishing Company
Advocacy Institute: a leadership organization for social justice


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