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In this website Learning Room, you'll find articles by Sharon and her daughter, Ami. The primary focus of each article is on some issue-focused topic. The concepts, with supporting examples and stories are written as one, integrated piece. Each article has a broader application across a range of situations and relationships.

Are Your Protective Instincts Backfiring? by Sharon Strand Ellison & Ami Atkinson Combs
This article is published on the Marin Collaborative Family LawBblog. While the focus is on communication with childrent during the time when parents are divorcing.

Power Struggle as AddictictionHealing Times Magazine

Encouragement ~ Are You Empowering Growth or Causing Resistance
Published by Paradigm Magazine. The Focus is in supporting peoplel through addiction recovery.

Get Out of Jail FreeHealing Times Magazine
The focus is on communication for couples.

From Judgment to CuriosityHealing Times Magazine, originally posted on the PNDC Blog.

Is Curiosity an Antidote to Power Struggle? Healing Times Magazine,
Originally posted on the PNDC Blog.

Healing Times Magazine has won the "What's Hot" award from Apple. I love this magazine and they are giving out free issues. The art is spectacular, and the articles fascinating. Each of the Healing Times articles are in PDF form within the magazine, so just scroll down to my article. I'm in awe of how many of their articles fit so well with PNDC, such as Discerment vs. Judgement and 10 Surprising Things that Trigger Fight or Flight. Sharon Strand Ellison

How Do You Become My Enemy?

Power Struggle: The Invisible Addiction — also in magazine format above

I'm Sorry! The New Blame Game

Get Out of Jail Free — also in magazine format above

Power, Change & Practice

Balancing Patient Focused Care & Essential Nursing Tasks

Supervision Skills to Enhance Patient Focused Care

Eliminate Defensiveness, Discover Peace

Sitting At the Table: In Durban, South Africa & Cuba

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—Diana Chesterfield, Corporate Diversity Manager, Nordstrom






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