Your Organization

Contact Information:

Full Name of the Organization: ______________________________________________________

Main Phone: _______________________ Website: _______________________________________

Cell: ___________________ Home: _________________Email: _____________________________

Position and/or Role:________________________________________________________________

We've provided space below for the names of people with various functions in the organization, so that we can have designated contact people within the organization, and/or in case you would like us to talk with a few people before the training to get different perspectives on the organizations needs.You can fill in as many of the options as you think appropriate.

CEO/Director/President: ______________________________ Title: ________________________

Phone: _____________________________ Email: _______________________________________

Senior Executive Officer: __________________________________ Title: ____________________

Phone: _________________________ Email: ___________________________________________

Middle Management Person: ____________________________Title: ________________________

Phone: _____________________________ Email: _______________________________________

Employee/Staff: ____________________________________ Title: _________________________

Phone: _________________________ Email: ___________________________________________

Administrative Assistant: _______________________________ Title: _______________________

Phone: _________________________ Email: ___________________________________________

Other Key Contact: ____________________________________ Title: _______________________

Phone: ________________________ Email: ____________________________________________

The Organizations Written Materials:

Written materials related to the structur and job functions, the scope of your work, and/or issues pertinent to your profession can be of value to us in understanding your organization so what anyone from the PNDC Consortium present is relevant and to focused on your specific needs. Such information can be in the form of links to websites and/or newsletters, emails, files, and/or hard copy material sent by mail. Materials can include any or all of the following

The event flyer and agenda
Mission statement
Organization chart
Key job descriptions
Promotional materials
Newsletters (one or two copies)
Sample of industry journals/magazines

Phone Consultation:.

Culture, Attitudes, & Challenges:

Listed below are some of the areas of information the PNDC Consultants prefers to discuss rather than
just get written responses. All information she received is confidential. This list offers guidelines for the
types of information we'd like to discuss with the appropriate person(s) from your organization. The
discussion of
any of these issues will be contingent on whether they are relvant or not and whether it is information you
want to provide us with.

How do organization members usually respond to new ideas? To speakers?  Are they reserved, skeptical, open, and enthusiastic? Is there a wide range of responses depending on the person and/or within sub-cultures in the organization?

How much communication training have the majority of them had, ranging from almost none to extensive?

What current issues/challenges/changes is your organization currently facing?  What are the greatest
stress points within the organization? 

Have there been any recent announcements or events that Sharon should know about? 

Are there currently any significant conflicts among various factions within the organization? (i.e.
conflicts between people with different job descriptions, conflicts within the organization as a whole
re: philosophy, goals, and or resources) 

What do see as the greatest strengths people in your organization have? The greatest strengths of
the organization itself?

How would you describe the morale in your organization?

What are the most important changes happening in your organization's industry/profession?

Objectives for Sharon and/or other PNDC Consultantants Presentation/Training:

How would you describe your primary objectives:

How would you describe your secondary objectives:

What changes in attitude and/or behavior would you like to see?

Do you want the material presented to be relevant only to the work environment or to both professional
and personal development?

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