What Is PNDC?

By Sharon Strand Ellison

PNDC stands for Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™, a new paradigm that is a dramatic departure from our traditional methods of communication, which are based on the “rules of war.” I’ve spent most of my life developing this process because it never made sense to me to use the use the same rules for two such completely different activities — war and conversation.

Each of these two systems of communication is as precise as a software program. Each provides a specific framework for how we talk to each other. Each achieves different outcomes. The War Model is a system for using defensiveness for self-protection and power struggle to achieve our goals. It is literally designed to create and accelerate conflict, which ultimately undermines our ability to achieve our goals and creates much needless pain in our lives.

The PNDC Model is a system for protecting ourselves without getting defensive and achieving our goals without resorting to power struggle. The outcome is that we can be direct and honest, open and transparent, gaining integrity while keeping spontaneity. We are more likely to feel compassion for others, while having the capacity to create clear boundaries. We can build the kind of character that enhances our own creativity and success, while prompting others to have greater respect and caring for us. More . . .  

Traditional Communication: The War Model   — with audio excerpts from Sharon's CDs

The Powerful Non-Defensive Communication Model   — with audio excerpts from Sharon's CDs

The Introduction to my book, Taking the War Out of Our Words, tells the story of how I developed this process, starting with thoughts I had as a young child: it's just human nature—or is it?

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Powerful Non-Defensive Communication is a trademarked name. © 1994-2017 Sharon Strand Ellison

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