Mady Shumofsky

Mady Shumofsky is a graduate of Brown University, an award-winning mediator and a black belt in Jujitsu. Combining the discipline and strategic thinking of her martial art with her emphasis on community building, she does mediations and teaches conflict management. She works with a wide range of organizations, including corporations, small businesses, city governments, police and fire departments, nonprofits, and neighborhood groups. She has ten years of experience working with attorneys on employment disputes and trains attorneys and mediators in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She also offers workshops on Group Facilitation.

Mady has headed a Jujitsu school for people of all ages and abilities and has coached martial arts students and instructors for many years. Mady says, "My Jujitsu training carries over into all my work. In dealing with conflict resolution, it directs how I think strategically and helps me empower disputing parties to resolve their conflicts." A creative facilitator and teacher, she utilizes this discipline, including simple Jujitsu exercises in her trainings and presentations. She finds that participants learn more rapidly and integrate the learning more thoroughly when they experience the internal state of non-defensive alertness compared to defensive reactiveness.

Mady also designs conflict management systems tailored to the needs of various organizations. For example, she consulted with a Bay Area city on the design of its internal conflict management system, trained the in-house mediators, and provides continued workshops and consultation.

In addition, Mady offers facilitation workshops such as "Making Fun of Work." Participants in this popular workshop learn how to use icebreakers, energizers, and content-oriented exercises to create openness, build relationships and teams, reverse negative and tired communication patterns, stimulate creative thinking and increase productivity. This workshop has given new tools and new energy to hundreds of trainers, facilitators, retreat planners, youth organizers, teachers, curriculum developers, program directors, board members and community organizers. Having fun while you learn or work is a proven ingredient for success.

Mady was on the Board of Directors of the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California. She has served as Interim Training Director of Conflict Resolution Panels of Contra Costa County and was awarded "Mediator of the Year" by Conciliation Forums of Oakland. Mady also is a member of the Bay Area Facilitators Guild, the American Society for Training and Development, and the National Association for Community Mediation.

Areas of Expertise:

Powerful Non-Defensive Communication
Collaborative Problem Solving
Team Building
Community Building
Designing Organizational Conflict Management Systems
Employment Disputes
Conflict Management
Group Facilitation
Training Mediators
Training Facilitators

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