Fabienne McPhail Naples

Fabienne McPhail Naples, the first appointed Assistant Dean of Students directing the Women's Center at Stanford University, has over 20 years of involvement as a trainer with a focus on women's empowerment and leadership, as well as issues confronting African-American women, cross-gender dialogue, and violence in the workplace. A dynamic facilitator, she challenges women and men alike to examine how their own attitudes affect their individual and group performance. She speaks at conferences nationwide and works in educational, nonprofit and corporate settings.

Fabienne was a founding member of the Women Against Racism at the University of Iowa. She uses innovative and creative techniques for working with issues around race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. She demonstrates how our interpersonal relationships, at work and at home, are built on the "war model" for communication, thus having a foundation that can easily lead people to emotional and physical violence.

Using creative methods for experiential learning, Fabienne calls upon people from each cultural group to examine how their own attitudes affect their individual and group performance. For example, along with examining how their relationships with men affect their leadership potential, Fabienne guides women in understanding how their relationships with each other often hinder rather than facilitate their leadership potential.

Fabienne provides key lessons for women that empower them to be strong and respected leaders. She also facilitates cross-gender dialogue to strengthen understanding and teamwork. She also draws on Mathew Fox's work in her focus on creating a meaningful workplace.

Dedicated to student empowerment as well, Fabienne believes that it is vital for students to "find their own voice" so they can not only be active in their own learning, but also develop the skills needed to be actively involved in the larger community.

Last year she initiated the Service Learning Program at Santa Monica College. She is currently Dean of Student Learning at Moorpark College. Fabienne has a degree in journalism and public relations and brings a multi-cultural perspective to public relations issues.

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