Mercedes Martin

Mercedes Martin, founder and principal of InPartnership Consulting, is a graduate of the University of Miami. Mercedes has a Masters Degree in Leadership Development from the University of San Francisco, as well as advanced study and research in organizational development.

A native Spanish-speaking coach, Mercedes has pioneered the introduction of global diversity and leadership development programs in Africa, South and Central America, as well as doing intensive work with corporations in the United States, Canada, and European countries. As an international consultant and conference speaker, Mercedes has a unique talent for understanding the social, political and economic contexts of client situations and developing consistently dynamic and powerful interventions.

Mercedes has special expertise on global cultural competence, intercultural team building and leadership development. Her breadth of knowledge and her honest, direct manner enhance the in-depth training she does with senior managers and multi-level teams. She designs and implements highly effective programs which support organizational transformation resulting in performance excellence at all levels in corporations, nonprofits and community organizations. As a specialist in resolving cross-cultural conflicts and rebuilding workplace teams, she does intensive, hands-on work.

A keynote speaker on cultural globalization, intercultural communication and women’s leadership development, Mercedes designs engaging and interactive presentations that spark new thinking and help transform audiences. Acclaimed programs that Mercedes has designed and developed include: Leadership Development programs in Central America and Africa; Leadership programs for women working together across race, class and cultural divisions; and Leadership and Competencies Development Programs (train-the-trainer) for corporations, nonprofits and educational institutions.

Mercedes has been an invited member of three Think Tanks, including "A Global Learning Community for Diversity Consultants," sponsored by Shell Oil; "Consensus Building Processes for Organizations and Communities," sponsored by Partners for Democratic Change; and "Building Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution Models," sponsored by the California Department of Education.

In addition, she is an adjunct faculty member at the San Francisco State University Human Resource Diversity Management Program, the University of Santa Cruz Executive Leadership Institute, and the John F. Kennedy University Women’s Leadership Institute where she serves as an advisory board member. Mercedes is also an elected Board Member for Diversity Leadership Forum—the Association for Diversity Professionals developing professional competencies and skills for diversity practitioners. She has a diversity facilitation certification from the Equity Institute, IBM, and R.Thomas Consulting.

Along with presenting her own unique programs, Mercedes is highly skilled at teaching PNDC at a global level to people from different cultures as well as in women's leadership programs. As a United States Air Force officer for 12 years, Mercedes was a certified Master Facilitator and has provided “Total Quality Management” programs for other organizations. She has facilitated programs such as "Diversity in the Workforce Dialogue." In all her work, she motivates people to take accountability and be inspired to acheive excellence.

Presentation Topics:

Leadership and Management skills, Team Building. Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution, Multicultural Workteams, Cross-Cultural Communications, Women's Leadership Development, Sexual Harrassment (with attention to cultural differences), and Strategic Planning.

Partial Client List:

Amdahl Computers, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Brown University, Chevron, Daimlyer-Chrysler, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Kellog, Merck and Co. Littler and Mendolsen, R. Thomas Consulting, San Francisco Airport, Shell Oil, Sheraton Hotels, Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, Social Security Administration, Sun Microsystems, Women's Funding Network, United Way, U.S. Air Force, San Francisco Zen Center.

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