Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones, a communication consultant with nearly 30 years' experience, is also an actor, a jazz guitarist, and a magnetic speaker. Kevin leads transformative workshops focusing on crucial social, cultural, and interpersonal issues, as well as teaching a variety of organizational and management skills. He is a funny, engaging speaker, able to hold the attention of diverse audiences including "difficult" groups initially unreceptive to participation. He incorporates an understanding of the impact of "social rank" on the functioning of people at all levels of the hierarchy in any organization. Kevin's clients include major corporations undergoing change in direction, structure, markets, and/or personnel. He also facilitates conflict resolution workshops for professional organizations internationally, helping people to learn the skills necessary to live and work with a strong sense of community spirit within culturally diverse environments.

Kevin's approach utilizes both Powerful, Non-Defensive Communication and a group facilitation method developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell at the Process Work Center of Portland, OR. Process Work offers highly effective methods for working with painful physical symptoms, individual relationship issues, group conflicts and social tensions. It is based on the concept that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself and provides a practical framework through which individuals, couples, families, and organizations can connect with greater awareness and creativity.

In addition, Kevin has worked with therapists, teachers, youth groups, and men's groups, as well as with members of the theater community. He has facilitated workshops for Acts of Power on "Sitting in the Fire of Relationships," a radical approach to recreating relationships for African-American women and men. He also does intensive work with African-American men on confronting their own history, healing, and achieving their goals.

Areas of Expertise:

Team Building, Supervisory Skills, Time Management, Anger Management, Sexism and Sexual Harassment, Racism, Cultural Diversity, Group Conflict Resolution, Goal-Setting, Personal Paradigm Change

Partial Client List:

American Conservatory Theater (ACT), AT&T, Avis Rent-a-Car, Catholic Healthcare West, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, and Microsoft

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