Mission Statement

This Mission Statement reflects my calling in life and my passion. It is shared by my partner, Dr. Monza Naff, my daugher, Ami Atkinson, her husband, Jesse Combs (the son I never had), the trainers in the PNDC Consortium, and wider circles of people who believe that our power to create constructive change rests in our ability to communicate non-defensively. If you find that the following statement is true for you, you are welcome to join us in sharing this mission. Sharon Strand Ellison

We Believe

Human beings have a deep need for "belonging" — for being a reciprocal and respected part of the web of human connection;

Traditional communication methods have been based on the "rules of war" and actually function to destroy the essential bond among individuals and groups by systematically creating power struggle.

We Believe

Power struggle functions as an addiction, because of which "winning" can become more important than our own ethics, family relationships, and professional performance;

Like all addictions, the addiction to power struggle is progressive in nature. As our connections to each other become increasingly damaged, people become more deeply alienated, leading to more intense violence and war at all levels in our world community.

We Believe

Given our technological ability to create and use instruments of mass destruction, we face the ominous possibility that we will destroy ourselves and our planet if we do not make a dramatic change in how we listen and speak to each other;

This "war model" for communication has existed for so long that it is simply part of the fabric of our lives — a given — mostly unquestioned, unexamined, and unwittingly accepted as integral to human nature;

It is not realistic to expect world leaders to create peace across huge cultural divides when we often remain mired in power struggle at our own breakfast table or in the office staff meeting.

We Make a Commitment

To the goal of teaching Powerful Non-Defensive Communication, a new communication model that is open, direct, sincere, honest, vulnerable, and can eliminate power struggle;

This model gives us the tools necessary to deal with conflict in a way that can lead to genuine, creative resolutions while honoring diverse needs and goals.

We Make a Commitment

To model the power of non-defensive communication first in our own behavior, treating each person and group with dignity and respect — even in cases where we find the person/group engaging in attitudes and actions we consider dangerous to society;

At the same time, we will speak clearly and honestly about our own beliefs regarding the need to eradicate attitudes and behaviors that alienate people from each other through misunderstanding, prejudice, hatred, or violence.

We Are Dedicated To

Joining with others to demonstrate that across a broad spectrum — individuals, families, professional organizations, religious groups, corporations, political leaders, communities and nations — we can evolve past defensiveness, power struggle, and violence as key forces that shape our individual lives and human destiny.

Showing that non-defensive communication is a powerful tool for providing the practical skills necessary to immediately begin to create a different way of living, a habit of being that fosters healing, productivity, and abundance.

The Institute for Powerful Non-Defensive Communication
Phone: 800-714-7334 or 510-655-8086 • Email: info@pndc.com
Powerful Non-Defensive Communication is a trademarked name. © 1994-2009 Sharon Strand Ellison

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